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Monday, August 25, 2014

15 Red Flags Your Government Has Over-Reached

1. Taxes on taxes
2. Questioning reality halted by 5th Amendment
3. X-Files reclassified as documentary
4. Conspiracy theories validated in double blind randomized study
5. Pledge of allegiance replaced with "Resistance is futile"
6. Hunger games no longer fun
7. Freedoms eviscerated in cynical defense of freedom
8. The Man named Person of the Year
9. Everyone yearning for the dystopian past
10. Golden Age of Television coinciding with record inequality
11. Census asking about brand preferences
12. Selective Service getting uppity
13. Secret government meetings held behind closed doors
14. Truths no longer held to be self-evident
15. Nutty Cow hoarded in bunkers across the land