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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Quiz: Are You Lost?

True or False?
1. Don't recognize names on monogrammed towels
2. You would stop and ask for directions, but you don't speak fish
3. Still digging and haven't reached China
4. Even the mirages are dead ends
5. Objects in mirror closer than they appear, but Planet Earth is only a tiny speck
6. Minotaur doesn't know either
7. GPS is panicking
8. Kids stopped asking "Are we there yet?" days ago
9. Dungeon master swears to never let you play again
10. You've passed the same bridge so many times, Grumpy Old Troll has run out of riddles
11. You're not on your way to or from buying Nutty Cow

Scoring: 5 points for every True, 10 points for every lie. Divide by 42. If answer is greater than 0, you are lost.